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Top 5 Diaper bag Must Haves

Top 5 Diaper bag Must Haves

I really try to keep my diaper bag organized but it always seems to be a bottomless pit of diapers, burp clothes, pacifiers. There may also be a random granola bar here and there, you get what I’m saying. There is so much STUFF you have to bring with you even if you’re only leaving for 15 minutes! I am going to list some products below that I love to help simplify your bag and hopefully help simplify the crazy mom life. 

Pacifier Pocket

This. I hated losing her pacifiers in the very bottom of the bag. While I’m wading through a whole sea of stuff trying to find one of the smallest items in the bag and shes crying making it seem like its taking an eternity! Trust me, save yourself the trouble and grab one of these. Skip Hop makes it easy to find and keep clean!

Diaper Bag Dispenser

These are nice, easy and trust me your friends really appreciate you putting your child’s stinky diaper in a lovely lavender scented bag instead of stinking up their trash can. I like that it is something else that can be stored on the outside of the bag by clipping it to one of the handles. This helps save more space inside your bag and helps keep your organized. Check out the Munchkin Diaper Bag Dispense here!

Gripe Water

So this was a HUGE help when she was little. She had problems with gas on her tummy and hiccups made her so mad! This would make her hiccups go away almost instantly! We don’t use this much anymore but it was a must. Seriously, I would have a small met down if I forgot to pack it in her bag. Gripe Water for the win!

Small Makeup Bag

I use one of these to just to keep a few of my things like chapstick, money, keys. Anything small that gets lost easily. Again, something to help me stay organized! I desperately need it!

Pacifier Wipes

Pacifiers are dropped about a million times and in some pretty gross places. Also, I am a little bit of a germaphobe. I like quick, I like easy and I LOVE clean! 😉 Munchkin pacifier wipes are super inexpensive and help you keep a happy, healthy little one!

Do you have items that you “must have” in your diaper bag? Comment below!

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