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Our Weekend Getaway.

Our Weekend Getaway.

Where We Visited

Can anyone guess where we are? I’ll give you a hint. The 1996 Summer Olympics was held here. Do you know yet? We were at the Ocoee! Austin’s family has a cabin near Blue Ridge, GA only about 20 minutes from away so he grew up coming here learning to kayak with his grandfather. We try to get up there often to go kayaking or rafting. Austin, his dad, little brother, and grandfather were able to go to the Nantahala for their annual Guest Appreciation Sale this past weekend. The sale was a disappointment, not much going on but Austin was able to kayak the Nantahala while his grandfather and brother rafted. Fun fact: the Nantahala River is fed from the bottom of a lake so the water is always FREEZING cold. The temperature is never above 50 degrees year around!

Traveling with Selah

Traveling with a 5-month-old will always present challenges! If you are like me you probably bring 90 percent of your child’s belongings with you “just in case”. Overall, I can’t complain too much. She did well on the drive up. I was worried about how well she would sleep being in a different place but to my surprise, she did great! Now I paid for that (still paying for that) when we got home. For me, I can’t wait to get back to my own bed! She regressed back to waking up every 3.5 hours! (insert crying emoji) If you have any tips on helping a 5-month-old sleep better I am all ears!

Family Traditions

Overall, I would say it was a successful weekend! I had a slow, relaxing Saturday with the girls. We didn’t do too much. We had lunch in Blue Ridge and sat out on the porch listening to Fighting Town Creek in the background. The book in the chair above has stories written from each time someone visits the cabin. They have stories back from 1997 of rafting the Ocoee! It’s fun to be able to read so many family memories from this book! Each night someone will typically read through some of the stories!

 We had the time this past weekend. Do you have any travel plans coming up? Does anyone have a suggestion where we should travel next? Comment below! 

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