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One Month of Baby Food Under $20

One Month of Baby Food Under $20

I don’t know about your little but my girl loves to eat! She probably gets that from me. She will be 6 months in 6 days! Seriously, this is so clique but where in the world is the time going? Did we not just come home from the hospital? Anyway, Selah has started to reach for anything food related! If it’s on my fork she thinks it’s hers. She’s growing up too fast!

So I wouldn’t really say I fall into the crunchy mom category but maybe a little. Frugal would be a better term, I try to stretch my money as far as I can! Do I have any penny pinchers with me? My mom taught me this when I was young and I try to spend my money wisely. No lie, T.J.Maxx is one of my favorite places to shop! I will pick up 4-5 things, walk around the store a couple times debating whether or not I really need it or will use it and end up checking out with 1 maybe 2 things. I Just can’t spend a lot at a time. It gives my anxiety! This is one reason I make Selah’s food at home. 

The other reason is the health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. How long does that baby food sit on the shelves? And how many preservatives are added to that food that we are feeding our precious babies? There has been many articles that link preservatives, artificial food coloring and other additives to causing cancer! I mean, yes, I still eat junk food and I don’t stress over all of this too much but I know that fresh food is better for. Also, I wasn’t able to breast feed very long so she is on formula so it makes me feel better that she is getting fresh fruits and veggies. 

It depends on how many times your baby is eating solids through the day. Selah only gets solids once a little before bedtime. Obviously we will up her solids the older she gets but this schedule works for us right now. I bought a bag of about 10 pears for $5.00 and that made enough food for her feedings for probably two weeks.

I wash the pears first. Peel and chop into sections. I should have taken a picture once I chopped them into smaller sections but I forgot! 🙁 This just helps them blend better. After chopping them into smaller pieces, I filled the Baby Bullet about half full and blended until smooth. Once I had the texture I wanted, I filled my Sage Spoonful glass jars to freeze what I wouldn’t use immediately. Since it is fresh fruit it will oxidize and turn darker. This is fine. Some people will want to add lemon or lime juice to help it not turn but I am ok with out it. Its just preference. I get three feedings out of one jar so a put one in the refrigerator and the others in the freezer. 


Rinse pears and chop into sections. Remove seeds and core.

Dice pears into smaller pieces

Fill Baby Bullet half way and blend until smooth

Fill jars and freeze!

Things you need


2.Chopping Board

3.Baby Bullet

That’s it! So easy!

I introduce new foods slowly. I will post more as we try more foods and new recipes! Let me know if your little has a favorite food that we should try next!

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