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Baby Travel Essentials

Baby Travel Essentials

We’re talking about traveling with a little one. So pretty much packing up their entire room into your car because we definitely need the bouncy seat, the play mat, the pack n play, oh and about 1,000 other things! The list goes on and on. Trying to minimize the load seems like an impossible task. So I am going to highlight some of our must haves. I will do my best to keep it short!

Munchkin Diaper Caddy 

I LOVE “>this caddy. Quick backstory: when Selah was born we lived in a tiny house. A 230 square feet tiny house. So that meant we were at my at my parents or a friends house often. This “>caddy made it so much easier to only bring the only essentials with us and keep it all together. 

Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer

Ok, let me be honest. I was not a huge fan of this product in the beginning. It has two speeds and music. The first speed does very little bouncing. The second speed bounces more but apparently, Selah likes to bounce super fast compared to what this will do. We still had to bounce her ourselves for a while but we liked it for naps. It made her feel like she was still being snuggled and the automatic bounce helped her stay asleep it just wouldn’t put her to sleep. Now Selah is big enough to bounce herself so she really enjoys this product now. 

Bright Starts Activity Mat

Selah started using her activity mat around 3 weeks old and has always loved it. I like that you can choose to close the sides up or open them for a larger play ares. The sides help when they just start being mobile. I know with Selah, she isn’t crawling yet but will scoot off her mat sometimes then she will get mad because she can’t play with her toys. It is also nice when they are older and able to play with toys or balls and keep them contained all at once! When we travel some of our rooms are tight and baby sruff takes up a lot of space so I am able to put this in her pack ‘n play so she can roll around and not have it taking up a lot of floor space. 

Pack ‘N Play

Ok, I don’t know why but I did not get a “>Pack ‘n Play with the bassinet/changing station on top. I’m crazy, I know. My sister in law did though and made me really wish I had. We still love our Pack ‘n Play though. The bassinet/ changing station is a really big help when they are newborns and you change them about 30 times a day! At least it felt like that. Then the bassinet is great for napping, it is easy to keep in the main living space to keep an eye on them as well. Once they are a little bigger it is super easy to pack up and go. Selah sleeps great in it!

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